An engagements party in Ghana is close to how the weddings were in old days, but our party was also mixed with many Christian elements. In the first part of the ceremony, only the bridegroom was there, and some presents from him to his bride was presented. These gifts were mainly things for the house that should help the wife to take good care of her husband. She also got a Bible and a hymn book.

When the presentation of the gifts is finished, the bridegroom asks of his wife. They will then go and find her, and bring her to him. Then they ask him if this is his wife? He will confirm that, and then the ceremony can continue.

It’s only the wife that gets an engagement ring, and a nice diamond ring is mainly preferable. When I put the ring on her finger I had to say “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost,” and the guests were clapping as they responded Amen!

After the ceremony, my new wife and I walked around to shake hands with the guests. In Ghana an engagement is almost like being married and it is not common that people brake up from an engagement. Most people are engaged for some time, even years, before they have their official wedding.

Since this was a traditional ceremony, we were dressed in traditional clothes, and we had to go to the tailor so he could make them for us.

After the ceremony we got something to eat. We started with spring rolls, and then some traditional food. A nice custom was that the bride and the bridegroom had to eat from the same plate.