It is early morning, and the bride is dressed, and ready to go for the wedding ceremony.

Before the ceremony started, we had to put the wedding rings at the table in front of us. Then the coordinator explained what should happen. She also had to practice a little to pronounce my name correct.

The ceremony was quit simple, and didn't take long time. The coordinator told us about the wedding laws in Ghana , and then she said things we had to repeat. It was about to promise eternal faithfulness, and to love and respect each other. Then we put the rings on each other fingers, and then she told me to kiss the bride. And of course I did what she said.

An important part of the ceremony is to sign the marriage certificate. The coordinator signed first, followed by the bridegroom.
And then the bride signed the papers. Totally we had to sign four different places.
We also needed four witnesses to sign. For me Richard and Ransford signed, and for Sylvia, her mother, Regina, followed by her uncle, Ebenezer.
The first one to congratulate us was the coordinator. Even though she had many ceremonies to conduct, she was very clever, and did everything in a very professional way.
And here we are out again and ready for a photo session.